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Hearing Checks

Hearingworks invites you to come to our Kew clinic for a 15 minute hearing check. Our hearing checks are open to everybody. If you have a medically significant hearing loss, we may advise a full diagnostic hearing test and refer you to your doctor for further medical investigation.

Hearing loss is a very common condition. One in six Australians has a hearing loss and this proportion is expected to increase to one in four by 2050.

Benefits of identifying a hearing loss early

Detect a progressive hearing loss

You will most likely notice if your hearing suddenly deteriorates. However, when hearing gradually declines over a period of time, it can be difficult to tell whether hearing difficulties are due to external factors, such as the way people speak (mumbling), or whether in fact you have a hearing loss.

Promptly seek help from an Audiologist and get your life back

Audiologists can help you improve your hearing and communication abilities, enabling you to strengthen your relationships by making you a better listener. People put off getting hearing aids for an average of 7 years; that’s 7 years of not living your life to the full.

Start a conversation with your family and friends about the impact of your hearing loss

Letting people know you have trouble hearing reduces the likelihood of others mistaking your hearing loss for unsociability or ignorance. There is a tendency for others to attribute certain behaviours associated with hearing loss, such as a failure to respond when spoken to, to aloofness or simple-mindedness.

Call Hearingworks, Kew, today on 03 9817 7738, or visit us at our clinic at 91 Cotham Rd, Cotham Village, Kew, to book an appointment for a FREE 15 minute hearing check.